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AZIAM is a wellness lifestyle company inspired by the ancient practices of yoga. We are committed to guiding your personal journey to your most authentic life possible; a life embracing present moment realities, developing personal strength, contemplative wisdom, self-knowledge and appreciating organic beauty. Our philosophy is simple . . .BE YOU.


Alanna Zabel


Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, Alanna Zabel is the founder of AZIAM Yoga and the creator of Yoga Barre™. She is a registered ERYT-500 yoga instructor, Pilates and fitness instructor currently residing in Southern California. In 2000, she founded her own unique YogaDance company based on combining the essential movements of yoga with modern dance. Her first performance was choreographed for a private party at Michael Jackson's home and performed at Neverland. Her performances have been requested at fashion shows, conferences and private parties. With a flare for style and design, Alanna launched the premium AZIAM Active Wear collections. Beyond her accomplishments as an instructor, performer, program director, writer, and designer, Alanna is a creative force and a teacher with a passion for kids.

Voted "Best Yoga Instructor in Los Angeles" in 2011 by LA Family Magazine and one of "Hollywood's Hottest Trainers" by Shape Magazine in 2014, Alanna is passionate about teaching yoga through her classes, life and writing. She is the author of As I Am, as well as having written and illustrated several children's books, including The Seven Doors, a children's version of Deepak Chopra's best seller The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. Alanna holds a BA in Child Development with a minor in Theatre/Dance from the University at Buffalo. Alanna is a “Nike Goddess” instructor. She is an experienced and confident performer with national exposure including a cast member on The Oxygen Network’s daily yoga show “Exhale”, Power Yoga infomercial, and guest trainer on the Bio Force infomercial. She stars in two DVDs produced by Natural Journeys - Yoga Total Body Makeover and Pilates Yoga Fusion, as well as two Yoga DVDs from Anchor Bay Entertainment, Beginner Level Yoga and Cardio + Conditioning Yoga.

In addition, Alanna specializes in private yoga training. She is well experienced to work with athletes, able to modify most injuries, formulate intelligent work-outs, instruct Pre-Natal Yoga, Post-Natal Pilates, as well as to help to bring awareness to mind/body patterning. For more information please contact

"With each trip around the Sun, I continue to experience greater awareness and self-realizations. We are all born with infinite blessings that we risk taking for granted. It wasn't until I lost everything that I realized my value. I missed myself; as well as the naturally divine gifts that I was given. I wished that I had come to appreciate myself better before such losses, yet this is the unfolding of awareness as we evolve, infinitely. In that process of remorse and realization I gained appreciation, gratitude and compassion for myself in this fleeting, impermanent life. The process of yoga has helped me to unravel who I truly am, as well as to make a firm committment to myself. This revelation process will reap magical, priceless and eternal rewards for all of us; past, present and future..." Namaste' ~ Alanna